Jay Hurst



list of works

large ensemble

Still Lives (2015)

for orchestra (10')


kodama (2015)

for sinfonietta (10')


Grand Guignol (2014)

for chamber orchestra (9')

chamber ensemble

kodama (2013)

for alto flute, oboe, bass clarinet, and percussion (10')


Chekhov's Gun (2012)

for string quartet (7')


One of Us (2013)

for percussion quartet (5')

solo, Duo, and Voice

Gilded (2014)

for solo percussionist and electronics (7')


EXIT (2013)

for cello duo (7')


Vapor Trails (2014)

for flute and alto saxophone (5')


Two Haiku (after Basho) (2014)

for mezzo soprano and amplified harp (4')


Punishment (2012)

for solo harpist with percussion (8')


Night Songs (2010)

for soprano and two percussionists (8')

electronic and multimedia works

In The Wee Small Hours (2016)

8-channel installation; or for performance w/ solo instrument and electronics (10')


The Only Me Is Me (2016)

for quadraphonic fixed media (7')


Summer Memorial (2016)

a film score

for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, harp, and percussion (4')


Still Lives (2013)

for solo electric guitar and film (13')